Guided Tours



You have the choice of guided tours to discover and explore the amazing animal world. A simple and fun guided tour adapted for children will give you an easier orientation to discover the main points of interest.  Discover the park from a different perspective through anecdotes and real life stories of our animal keepers and their daily routine!


  • BASIC VISIT –1:30 hours

THE ANIMAL WORLD / 3 to 6 years old

Initiation to the amazing story of Animal life such as fish, birds and mammals by our Casela zookeepers who will enrich the visit by explaining their work in the park


THE LAST DODO / +6 years old

Like explorers, children will have to search the last dodo of the island. This visit emphasizes the necessity of protection of the animal biodiversity.



  • BASIC VISIT – 3 hours


Who is hiding behind the mysterious animal described by the animator at the beginning of the visit?  Classification of animals and their adaptation in the environment will be topics discussed during the visit


OTHERS TOPICS – As from 3-4 years old

We can create the guided tours adapted to your need. Don’t hesitate to contact our Education department.