The Explorer Pack is potentially the best option for families or groups of friends visiting the park for the first time. Get your heart racing with a breathtaking zip line adventure before getting real close to our lions and tigers and watching them jumping in the trees or just chasing each other. Available every day except Sundays

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Zipline 400

There is nothing quite like this thrill to shake you out of your daily routine! The adventurous types will indulge in the adrenaline rush of flying into the air. You will also take in an exciting perspective on the beautiful surroundings. “The 400 metres circuit” which includes 4 double zip lines and the famous 400 metres jump that leaves zipping through the air.

Drive Thru

Picture yourself living the experience the other way round. For once, you will be the one in the cage while our big cats roam freely around you. The Drive-Thru offers you the thrilling opportunity of entering the jungle to observe our big cats in their natural environment. The visit is complemented with comments from our guide, who knows the sensibility and history of each of our animals like the back of his hand. Let yourself be tempted by this epic adventure!


Right from the outset, the catchy African music will get you in the mood for adventure. Grab your entrance ticket in a flash at the Discovery Centre to enjoy access to several activities including 1,500 exotic birds, the Walk-Thru Aviary, the Avalanche Mine with two dry slides – the Tubby Slide and the Tubby Jump –, the Petting Farm, the children’s playground, the safari to see zebras, ostriches, rhinos, African impalas and more, as well as the observation of giraffes, big cats, pygmy hippos and camels.