Our Family Pack is the ideal pick for a laid-back day at Casela World of Adventures with your loved ones. Feed our giraffes and our lorikeets and experience the genuine thrill of a good catch before sharing the family atmosphere of our Petting Farm. You will leave the Park with a spark in your eyes and a priceless souvenir handed to you by our photographers!

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Tilapia Fishing

Grab a fishing rod and gather around a little pond full of tilapia fishes. Cast your hook and bait, and your inner fisherman will do the rest! Let yourself be carried away for approximately 30 minutes of relaxation… and laughter! Get the children to take part in a little fishing competition and live an unforgettable experience. Life has never been so simple…

Petting Farm

We offer an ideal setting for animal lovers of all ages, especially children, to interact with farm animals. Rabbits, fawn and their other friends at the mini farm will offer you a touching experience while you bottle-feed them or simply hand them food. A great way for the young ones to learn about these animals and get closer to nature.

Lorikeet Feeding

Experience the fun of having our colourful lorikeets resting on your hands or shoulder to drink a fruit nectar.

Giraffe Feeding

If you’ve always wondered what giraffes really look like and how they live, make haste to our Safari Platform to see the tallest animal on the planet. Come befriend Tagada, Bella, Khakoo, Caramel, TiPima, Mikemba, Kira, Malaika and Queen as they grow up to reach their adult height. They will all be delighted to enjoy some food from the palm of your hand and they are also very keen to pose for selfies!


Right from the outset, the catchy African music will get you in the mood for adventure. Grab your entrance ticket in a flash at the Discovery Centre to enjoy access to several activities including 1,500 exotic birds, the Walk-Thru Aviary, the Avalanche Mine with two dry slides – the Tubby Slide and the Tubby Jump –, the Petting Farm, the children’s playground, the safari to see zebras, ostriches, rhinos, African impalas and more, as well as the observation of giraffes, big cats, pygmy hippo and camels.