Our Xtreme Pack is designed to make the thrill-seeker in you feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins. The crossing of a Nepalese Bridge and the heart-throbbing Canyon Swing will challenge your senses. To keep the thrill up, you will head straight afterwards to a sensational big cat encounter. Greeted by roaring tigers and lions, get all goose-bumpy as those creatures roam around the fenced safari vehicle. After a memorable journey amongst friends, go back home with a souvenir photograph to reminisce this crazy day!

Available every day except Sundays

Canyon Swing

Feel the WOW effect of experiencing something unique at Casela World of Adventures! We are proud to introduce the Canyon Swing, a definitely different type of bungee jumping. Once equipped and briefed, you are all set to fly between the canyons. Jump from the 45m high platform and dive into an authentic canyon, among birds or even bats, if you are lucky. Extreme sensations for an intense adventure!


Who said you had to go on safari to Africa to see the beauty of African wildlife? Big cat enthusiasts will enjoy the thrill of getting up close and personal with the king of the jungle. Feel the surge of emotion as you give the beast a pat under the safe guidance of our professional team of handlers, and get this one-of-a-kind encounter captured on camera!

Nepalese Bridge

Those in search of a thrilling experience will be served with our Nepalese Bridge. Come and see for yourself what this memorable adventure has in store for you. Experience the unique sensation of crossing our gorges suspended above the ground. While you are at it, you will certainly be amazed by the breathtaking view offered to you. Add a pinch of adventure to your visit at the park!


Right from the outset, the catchy African music will get you in the mood for adventure. Grab your entrance ticket in a flash at the Discovery Centre to enjoy access to several activities including 1,500 exotic birds, the Walk-Thru Aviary, the Avalanche Mine with two dry slides – the Tubby Slide and the Tubby Jump –, the Petting Farm, the children’s playground, the safari to see zebras, ostriches, rhinos, African impalas and more, as well as the observation of giraffes, big cats, pygmy hippos and camels.