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1.How much time is required to visit the park ?

To fully enjoy all the activities at Casela NatureParks which also includes the Thrill Mountain, we recommend sparing a full day. Our restaurants are also opened for your breaks and lunch within the park.

2. Can we bring food and drinks with us for the day?

Food and drinks are not allowed in the park and it is strictly forbidden to feed the animals. The park has its main restaurant and numerous food and beverage outlets which cater for all tastes at affordable prices. However, baby food is allowed and you may also bring your bottle of water.

3. Can we book the time for the Tulawaka activity?

Unfortunately, we do not offer booking options for this attraction; they are available to all park visitors on a first-come first-served basis. However, we do hold reservation for other activities including the Thrill Mountain activities, Quad Biking, Interaction with Big Cats and much more. Please contact our reservation team for more information.

4. Are there baby changing facilities?

We have this facility at the entrance in the Discovery Centre. Our Front Desk personnel will be pleased to show you the way.

5. Is the park pushchair/wheelchair friendly?

Not all areas of the park are accessible to wheelchairs due to the natural terrain of Casela NatureParks. However, our staff across the park are always happy to lend our guests a helping hand.

6. Can we ride a bicycle around the park?

It is strictly not allowed to ride Roller skates, skateboards and bicycles or any motorized vehicle inside the park for the safety of the visitors and our staff. It is advised to always use the footpaths which will guide you to all the attractions in the park.

Should you wish to discover our safari animals riding an e-bike or a quad bike, please refer to our African Safari activities for more details.

7. Can we touch the animals or take close-up photos with them?

Animals at Casela NatureParks are very well pampered and they have with time, developed an element of trust and respect towards their zookeepers. As for our visitors, for security reasons, you are encouraged to keep reasonable safety distance with the animals. You are also requested to respect all the security signage and not to leave your child unattended at any moment. You are also free to take photos of the animals without putting yourself at risk.

Interaction with the Big Cats is part of the activities that we offer. The animals can then be touched and photos can be taken under close supervision of our professional zookeepers.

8. Can we play football or music inside the park?

The Casela NatureParks is a nature and animal park where the animals and other visitors should at any moment be disturbed by any music emitting device or equipment. Enjoy the roar of our big cats and the whistle of our birds while discovering the park. No ball games are allowed in the park.

9. What should visitors wear?

While visiting the park, feel comfortable in your shoes with light clothes and get prepared to be mostly exposed to direct sunlight. It is advisable to bring your sunglasses and protection creams while being constantly hydrated due to the heat. Sportswear is highly recommended for activities at the Thrill Mountain.

10. Is Casela NatureParks open today?

Casela NatureParks is open 7/7 from 9 a.m to 5 p.m. including public holidays. However, the park is exceptionally closed on 25th December and 1st January.

11. How do I get directions to Casela NatureParks?

The park is easily accessible from any part of the island. Please click here to get directions.

12. Do you provide taxi services to pick me from my hotel?

Casela NatureParks does not offer taxi services. The park is so well known in Mauritius that any person travelling by public transport or any taxi driver should be able to direct you or drive you to our park.

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