Walk with Lions

With the supervision and guidance of the lions’ handlers, you will get even closer, and experience first-hand how it is to walk alongside the lions, lead them the way and even pet them. Scary, delightful, and a once in-a-lifetime experience.

The size and strength of these predators becomes abundantly clear as does their playfulness and swift agility. The beauty of these animals can really be appreciated from up-close.

You will get to touch them, observe them closely, learn on their behaviour and have a chat with the handlers.

The Big Cats Interaction is a unique activity to come face-to-face with one of these impressive predators (Lions, Caracals & Cheetahs).

As part of this Interaction, you get to spend an exciting 15 minutes inside the enclosures of the Lions, Caracals or Cheetahs , and discover these magnificent animals from very close.

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